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Jane Doe in training

& it feels pretty damn good

Lina ♪
7 January


I have a spanish name, live in a spanish speaking community, make many mistakes in English, let alone my namesakes origin.
But I am working on that. For now though, I get by with worldly gestures like smiles and nods. I am Russian... (my mother thought the name Catalina had flavor and spark that wouldn't die out).

My strongest traits are that I am impulsive, knowingly hypocritical, & kind.

My weakest traits are that I am impulsive, knowingly hypocritical, & kind.

I am going for my PHD.

I have a boyfriend (there is love), & a teddybear hamster named Meeps/Meepers/Meeparoonie. He won't stop chewing the stuff in his cage. My hamster, too.

I have exquisite taste, even better perception, intelligent to a fault, & I think the strongest way to empower yourself is to make it clear what you are fantastic at.

1 word, ballroom dancing, being kind, bonne bell, bubbles, cinema, classic rock, dancing magicians, disliking winks, doctorate, dr. pepper chapstick, duo trio uno, exploring, fantastic music, following the sandman..., heartbreaks are not okay, insomnia, intrigue, law and order, long lashes, love words, lush lips, meat cleavers, medical, meeps, miniature men, miniature poodles, miss jane doe, musings, mystery, phd, science, sighing, sirens, small children, speaking englas, stilettos, suspense, vanilla pepsi, words, writing telegrams, z words